Beware Of The Colonized Mind: Some Character Traits Of Someone Who Is Colonized

Individuals with a colonized mindset may exhibit certain character traits that reflect the lasting impact of colonization on their perceptions and behaviors. It's important to note that these traits can manifest in different ways and degrees, and not everyone from a colonized background will display them. Here are some common character traits associated with a colonized mindset:

1. **Inferiority Complex:**
- Feeling inferior to individuals from the colonizing culture or race.
- Believing that the colonizer's values, appearance, and way of life are superior.

2. **Internalized Racism:**
- Acceptance of negative stereotypes about one's own cultural or racial group.
- Discrimination against one's own cultural or racial identity.

3. **Cultural Alienation:**
- Disconnection or discomfort with one's own cultural practices and traditions.
- Preference for and emulation of the colonizer's cultural norms.

4. **Dependency on the Colonizer:**
- Relying heavily on the colonizer for validation, approval, or support.
- Believing that the colonizer has the solutions to economic, social, or political issues.

5. **Language Preference:**
- Preferring to communicate in the language of the colonizer over one's native language.
- Associating fluency in the colonizer's language with intelligence and success.

6. **Internalized Oppression:**
- Acceptance of societal structures that perpetuate oppression.
- Unquestioning adherence to authority figures from the colonizing group.

7. **Resentment Toward Own Culture:**
- Holding negative attitudes toward one's own cultural practices and heritage.
- Viewing traditional customs as primitive or backward.

8. **Mimicry of Colonizer's Behavior:**
- Adopting the dress, mannerisms, and lifestyle of the colonizer.
- Suppressing or modifying one's natural behavior to align with the colonizer's expectations.

9. **Lack of Cultural Pride:**
- Minimal interest in promoting or celebrating one's own cultural identity.
- Downplaying or avoiding discussions about cultural heritage.

10. **Difficulty Challenging the Status Quo:**
- Hesitancy to question or challenge societal structures inherited from the colonial era.
- Fear of reprisal or rejection for expressing dissenting views.

It's essential to approach discussions about a colonized mindset with sensitivity, recognizing the complex historical and societal factors that contribute to these traits. Additionally, individuals may exhibit a mix of these traits, and breaking free from a colonized mindset often involves a process of self-awareness, education, and empowerment.