Koshie O Brand

About Koshie O

Koshie O brand brings new life to your everyday wear by combining African aesthetics with chic and contemporary designs. Koshie O’s luxury fabric combined with a hint of African-inspired symbolism gives a custom feel to everyday fashion piece required for the modern lifestyle. Vibrant colors and patterns pop subtly from the wax-print shirts and blouses, while maintaining a sophisticated, classic style. The best part? The more the wax print fabric is washed, the better it looks.

The founder and CEO, Nina Baksmaty, is herself an embodiment of these transformations. She was educated and lives in the United States but raised in Ghana. As a young woman, Nina was immersed in the beauty of traditional Ghanaian dressmakers and artisans who served their local communities for several generations. In some sense, the Koshie O brand is an echo of many of the globalizing currents that are simultaneously shaping fashion trends and introducing an African-influenced kaleidoscope to a fast-paced, ever-changing world.